Cass Winery

2015 Malbec


This dark and vivacious Malbec appears every few years at Cass Winery, as it occupies a bit less than one acre on estate’s East-Side location in the Templeton Gap. Typically used for blending in their Bordeaux-style blends, it is occasionally made as a stand-alone varietal due to its deep, and well-rounded flavors.

Cass Winery is one of Paso Robles’ most popular boutique operations, and offers visitors not only exceptional Rhone and Bordeaux-style wines, but also a complete onsite restaurant featuring delightful food pairings.

  • Acidity
  • Tannins
  • Sweetness
  • Body


Originally from France, this Argentinan red varietal is fruit-forward and one of the more popular and easier wines to drink.


Malbec is the smallest planted acreage at Cass Vineyard, with less than one acre planted.

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