Ryan Carr Winery

2016 Cabernet Franc


We are fortunate to include the benchmark wine from Ryan Carr’s brilliant portfolio of Santa Barbara wine: 2016 Cabernet Franc.

Our long-standing experience with Carr wines is that they hit all the classic notes of each varietal they select. So when they make a wine, such as this Bordeaux favorite, expect it to check all the usual boxes, yet add a nuance that sets the bar higher.

It’s rare to see a quality Cabernet Franc, as they are usually blended with other Bordeaux wines. Ryan, however, has found a niche for growing and nurturing this grape so it can stand alone as its own varietal. And he’s been making it to high acclaim for over a dozen years. This is a complicated wine, sometimes described as a Pinot Noir on steroids. It offers deep berry and cherry flavors, with notes of sweet raspberry and finishes with hues of cracked white pepper and a lingering herbal finish. This is distinctly a food wine, and ideal for all the holiday meats, casseroles and herb-based rubs (even artichoke dip) coming your way this season. If you drink this alone, you are missing the best part of its purpose.

Once you taste this delightful Cabernet Franc, and find your favorite meal to pair it with, you’ll want a case full to escort you through the Winter.


The ideal food-pairing wine, Cab Franc is a medium-bodied red wine known for it’s hint of bell-pepper.

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